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Recipes for Your Personal Aroma Bliss – How to Create Your Own Organic Signature Perfume


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Sumptuous, delicious food aromas are intimately linked to the pleasures of the scents of a perfume …


That teaching series “The Art and Craft of Fragrance – How to Create Your Own Organic Signature Perfume” with recipes, will be on our Sister Website:


So, here’s a bit of a “Heads Up” for you. You will soon … in December … notice quite a few super delicious German Christmas cookies recipes, and yes I will do them in FB live videos … The recipe collection and the video classes will be on this website here.




After that, I will do some FREE classes on how to create your own signature perfume with the essential oils.

Yes, I will respectfully step into the shoes of my great-uncle who was a classical Master Perfumer for the Societé in the early 20th Century
(read: the sensual, eccentric and exotic style of the art nouveau and early art deco era ..).


Whilst he had great training, we will discover the basics of creating some ORGANIC perfumes with a few recipes … Now, I did say that this is a heads up … as this will happen in January 🙂

The perfume recipe collection and the video classes will be on our
Sister Site:







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