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Old Family Recipes



Excited about offering you some of my heritage cookery gems. As mentioned in the “About” section this website / blog started it’s life as a pure family communication help for when my two children ‘flew the nest’ but missed home cooking, and it was just simpler to create a blog for them to refer to.

So, I dug out some of my grandmother’s and mother’s recipe books and scribbled notes. Considering that my grandmother was born during the latter part of the 19th century (18??), her books and notes are pretty old and also the print is in old German.

The Davidis-Holle was printed in 1909. I added into the picture an apple recipe she wrote the year I was born 1953. There are plenty of other books and notes from my mother with handed down recipes.

Bit by bit, over time, I will translate some of the recipes. Some will be for family only (in other words, they are password protected), others I will feature here.

This is going to be a huge project in my already over busy schedule, but, eventually a nice, really traditional collection will get here. 🙂






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