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Culinary Vitality Essential Oils



Please Note: In Europe the Oils are called + (Plus) Oils. They are the same as the Vitality Oils … It’s just a European trademark arrangement … Also, not every country carries the same amount of the Vitality range … they are working on it …



How to buy Your Culinary Oils?


First, you need to create you own personal wholesale account … just like you would at Cosco.


YL enrollment form

Setting up your own account is easy … I’ll talk you through the steps 🙂

These days most people buy goods online such as from Amazon or eBay. Young Living Essential Oils is very similar. Once you have set up your whole sale account, you can either order straight from your computer or mobile device within the so called Virtual Office or Back Office … or give the friendly Young Living Customer Service people a call, they are ever so helpful!

Your order will then be shipped directly to your address, just like with Amazon.

What is different with Young Living is that there are people who enjoy a whole sale account, and then there are others who also desire to earn a little bit of extra cash. This is why the wholesale account is also called the distributor account. No worries, you are never ever required to share or sell anything, … ever … unless you wish to.

Most people just order for themselves and their family…. again like you would with Amazon (yes, even Amazon has a business account, which most people don’t use).


Setting Up Your Membership Account


Follow these steps to create your own account

You will need my membership account number to create your own.. My membership number is:1186737. After you created your own account, you will no longer need mine … but you do need to remember your own member number!

1. Click this link for the Member Sign Up page.

2. On the Sign Up page, choose Member.

3. If a number does is not automatically come up in the Sponsor and Enroller ID fields, please put in 1186737 for INTIMACYWELLNESS (Geli Heimann) both as your Enroller and Sponsor. (also make sure you select your own country of residence)

4. Click Continue to complete the rest of the Enrollment application.

5. On the next page, you can choose a Premium Starter Kit. This is THE most economical way of getting to know the oils. The reason I say it’s the most economical is, because if you were to buy the oils listed individually, you would have to pay double … plus you get a FREE ultrasonic Dew Drop home diffuser thrown into it! Quite a good deal! This kit contains some of our most requested oils.

However, if you just want to start off with the culinary oils of your choice, you can also do that instead.

That’s it! As soon as your membership is processed, I will contact you to personally welcome you and answer any questions you you might have.



So, here it is again in video:


Questions about Signing Up for Young Living? from Young Living on Vimeo.



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