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Rinderrouladen with Sweet Potaoes, Mushrooms and Steamed  Broccoli  (Click on all photos for full size)

Rinderrouladen with Sweet Potaoes, Mushrooms, Pickled Red Cabbage and Steamed Broccoli
(Click on all photos for full size)

Finally, I made another German dish. It’s a classic one, however I added a little twist, rolling in even more yummy goodness.


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German lentil Soup


The lentil soup is pretty much a family staple food in Germany. Although this is a classic soup / one-pot-dish, every family has their own variants re the ingredients, meaning every family develops their own traditions how they like their lentil soup best.

For some it’s just soupy with lentils and sausages, for others it’s a full blown meal with loads of veggies in it. Here is my version of it with suggestions as my Bavarian grandmother would cook it: with “Speck”.

(Although Wikipedia traces its origins to Austria and Italy, Speck is very traditional to Germany. It is not for the super lean cuisine conscious folk, but I challenge anyone who experiences the delicious and mouth watering cooking smells wafting enticingly through the home not to develop a very healthy and hearty appetite!!

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Basic Streuselkuchen

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Basic German Streuselkuchen (with yeast)

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My daughter Charis was supposed to have baked cupcakes today, but changed her mind after a late night 😉 So, as there was plenty of butter in my kitchen, I thought I’d knock up a Streuselkuchen (crumble cake).

It has a light and moist yeast base and a really yummy crunchy buttery crumble topping. next time I’ll add some fruit into it.

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Basic Classic German Marzipan Cake

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Basic Marzipan Cake

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This is a very basic marzipan cake, a classic basic German cake which is firmer and more dense than the English sponge cake. I shall be experimenting with various additions of fruit and/or nuts, as I have so many delicious cake recipes in my German cookery book and folder with old recipes from my mother, etc.

Anyway, many, many years ago I made this cake as a birthday cake for my son. He is really keen on marzipan, so he requested this cake recently.

I have a terrible admission to make: I had not baked in nearly two decades, and for some reason amidst moving homes my baking equipment got either sadly missing or was thrown out due to not working anymore. I tend to focus on spicy, savoury dishes, so baking had never been my forté, even though I produced some pretty awesome cakes in the past. This I will need to change and get myself back into baking again (maybe invest in some decent equipment ….)

Anyway, after all this time, this cake is my first *again*

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Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly, London - Christmas shop window decoration. The theme was 12 Days of Christmas

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Christmas time, to me, has a serene and serious meaning of remembering the joy of Christ pouring out His love to this world, whether He was actually born on the 25th of December is irrelevant ….. Christmas also has a certain childlike magic to me of fairytales and a lot of fun. In London there is a fabulous shop, one of my favourites, Fortnum & Mason at Piccadilly (very expensive, though!). It usually has spectacular window displays, so here is one I took a photo of. Granted it’s not a duck but a goose, but it will have to suffice.

Actually, in Germany, the traditional Christmas bird to roast is not a turkey but a goose. Sometimes people also use ducks, so this recipe is for a duck.

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Easter Decorations in Germany

There is nothing quite like celebrations, great family times and good food and fun … plus the tantalising anticipation time when you’re a kid!

Well, during the Lent time prior to Easter, as a kid I used to get busy with my mother’s help to create some delightful home decorations. To those of you who have a creative streak, decorating Easter eggs is such a fun thing to do!

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Sumptious moist Stollen

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With or without Marzipan

Traditionally Stollen is baked at Christmas AND Easter. It’s the same recipe. The only difference is that at Easter you have it for breakfast and is eaten together with hard boiled eggs and home cooked smoked ham, unusual combination but really delicious. Well, this is how my Bavarian grandmother always did it, and I have kept the tradition.

Stollen was as important in my family as pasty was to my in-law family from Cornwall. My mother was one of five sisters, so there was always great competition who baked the best stollen …. My preference was always the one my aunt Carla made. Of course I never dared to admit that whilst my mother was alive!!

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