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You're invited to be inspired to try some German Rhine wine

Join me to rediscover the diverse and elegant wines of Germany. Dry as well as sweet, red as well as white, if you think you know German wine? Drink again!

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Oil & Vinegar – the culinary gift shop

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Oil & Vinegar. This is not to advertise the shop. I'm just an aficionado for great flavours and sumptious ingredients!

(Originally posted on December 3rd, 2008)

About a month ago I discovered a small shop tucked away in our local shopping centre. It was one of those moments where I was irresistabley drawn into that Aladin’s cave of spices, herbs, olive oils and vinegars.

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Easter Decorations in Germany

There is nothing quite like celebrations, great family times and good food and fun … plus the tantalising anticipation time when you’re a kid!

Well, during the Lent time prior to Easter, as a kid I used to get busy with my mother’s help to create some delightful home decorations. To those of you who have a creative streak, decorating Easter eggs is such a fun thing to do!

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