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Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly, London - Christmas shop window decoration. The theme was 12 Days of Christmas

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Christmas time, to me, has a serene and serious meaning of remembering the joy of Christ pouring out His love to this world, whether He was actually born on the 25th of December is irrelevant ….. Christmas also has a certain childlike magic to me of fairytales and a lot of fun. In London there is a fabulous shop, one of my favourites, Fortnum & Mason at Piccadilly (very expensive, though!). It usually has spectacular window displays, so here is one I took a photo of. Granted it’s not a duck but a goose, but it will have to suffice.

Actually, in Germany, the traditional Christmas bird to roast is not a turkey but a goose. Sometimes people also use ducks, so this recipe is for a duck.

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Sumptious moist Stollen

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With or without Marzipan

Traditionally Stollen is baked at Christmas AND Easter. It’s the same recipe. The only difference is that at Easter you have it for breakfast and is eaten together with hard boiled eggs and home cooked smoked ham, unusual combination but really delicious. Well, this is how my Bavarian grandmother always did it, and I have kept the tradition.

Stollen was as important in my family as pasty was to my in-law family from Cornwall. My mother was one of five sisters, so there was always great competition who baked the best stollen …. My preference was always the one my aunt Carla made. Of course I never dared to admit that whilst my mother was alive!!

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