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As you will find out below, this website started out as a humble family blog, just providing the recipes for *the kids’* favourite home dishes after they had flown the nest …

… and now You are invited to be part of the larger global family!

This site is especially dedicated for all of you who experience a hectic, stressful life. You are invited to give yourself permission for some pleasure self-care and fabulous eating 🙂

There is always room for a little something … Special


Geli Heimann B.S, M.S Psych


Hi! I am Geli, also known as Angelika Regina Heimann.


First off: I am an amateur family hobby home cook who delights in playing and experimenting with food, and enjoys fine dining

… and loves seeing happy faces at the dinner table

I am German and most people call me by my German short name “Geli” (plus non German speakers usually make a dog’s dinner out of pronouncing my name …. smile).

This collection of foods and drinks features German recipes as well as flavours from various parts of the world. It is also a food blog highlighting delightful ‘eateries’ from across the world, which I had the privilege to sample, and so much more.

Should I say, I am a Cosmopolitan German, loving my country of origin, but I’m at home anywhere in the world (well, nearly anywhere, I suffer and whither in cold climates ….. )

Having lived in a number of different countries, such as Hong Kong, as well as of course Germany, certain family favourites will be featured here.

I am passionate about strong culinary flavours, fresh herbs, quality exotic spices, freshly caught fish, game (when I can get it), just picked vegetables and exotic fruit that were allowed to ripen on location and not on airplanes and packing halls.

A point of warning, though: I tend to be very heavy-handed with spices and garlic – I go for the ‘over-the-top’ heavy flavours. Usually when you eat my foods your taste buds will have a wild rave party. It is rare for me to keep to delicate natural flavours. Why use one clove of garlic when you can use the entire bulb of garlic??!!

You’ll find a pretty random mix of recipes and styles … and nutritious values. There are times when I am Miss Super-Healthy, totally green-living, semi-raw cuisine health and wellness conscious …… and then I hit a naughty sensuous streak with calorific bliss delights …. and then there are those sensible home cooking recipes.

I have a huge amount of recipes which I will add, whenever I have the time to do so. As I said this is a family recipe collection originally posted here to share with my grown *kids* …. it saves the phone call: “Mum, how do you cook xyz ?”

You will also find that I frequently cook with essential oils. Check out the page: Cooking With Essential Oils.

Plus, I must confess, I have a bit of a sensuous streak in me … thus if you fancy some Epicurean Lover Inter Courses … there are some aphrodisiac recipes …

Below the Header of this website, as well as at the right side of the blog there is an extensive Contents list of various categories to find what you are looking for.




My daughter, Charis – Guest Chef to this site



From time to time,
my daughter Charis features as a guest chef here.


I really enjoy her cooking and baking … so, more of it please, Young Lady 😉

 We were recently chatting about the foods she experienced growing up, and she remarked how very few German dishes featured in our family meals (I will need to change this retrospectively LOL).

She said, “Mum, we kids grew up with “World Cuisine” … Well, she was born in Hong Kong, and later on lived and visited countries on various continents. A well traveled lady, and the art of eating and taking pleasure in fine dining are also some of her passions!








Now, if you fancy reading the full length extended “About” version of the Family Blog and the family history, just click here.



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