Sweet Chilli Chunky Chicken Mini Picnic / Packed Lunch at Kew Gardens

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Nutritious Pitta Bread Pocket for On-The-Go

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(Click on images to enlarge) I absolutely love Kew Gardens or as it’s officially called: The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London UK. A good friend of mine decided to treat me and invite me to a day out at Kew which was a highly welcomed break I really desperately needed. Kew is a fascinating place, not only in its stunning landscape beauty with some really big old gnarly trees planted as far back as the 17th century, but also from a scientific and historical viewpoint, together with royal palace buildings dotted around the grounds.

We decided to take our own mini picnic, packed lunches along; and as my dear friend prefers the gentler English sandwich flavours, and I like to add chillies, etc. to mine, we pepared each our own.

I thought I would add this little lunch creation here, just to show how easy it is to quickly put together a pitta bread sandwich packed with flavours and nutritious goodness to inspire you to do your own.

The Ingredients I used are really simple:
(Click on images to enlarge them)

1 pack of “Sweet Chilli Chunky Chicken” (really you can use any cooked chicken or meat bits, left overs, etc.),

1 hard boiled egg,

olive oil,

some Himalayan salt or any good quality sea salt to taste

some PiriPiri (hot chilli pepper) mix sprinkled on to your liking,

some raw stir fry vegetable mix to add some crunch

some water cress

and of course some sprouted seeds (here alfalfa seeds) a staple in my kitchen. So easy to grow!


First, mash up the hard boild egg with a fork and create a paste with the olive oil and the seasoning. I prefer to use olive oil rather than margarine or mayonnaise, simply because it’s healthier and to my mind the extra virging olive oil tastes so much more yummy.

Then slice open the pitta bread, spread the egg paste inside, and then heap in all the other ingredients …. done!

Add a crunchy apple, a small banana (in a bananaguard, else it gets squooshed brown and nasty), and a bottle of water, and ….

you’re ready to go! …. Easy!


Just need to add some photos from Kew!

The iconic Palm House .... lovely hot and humid in there!

We had out picnic lunch on one of those benches. I took the pics before our lunch.

inside the Palm House, going up to the second level

inside the Palm House, going up to the second level

View from the top gallery walk around

Palms, palms, palms and anything that grows on them ....

more palms - this one is apparently really old, like from the 17th or 18th century - amazing that these plants survived all those centuries!

Outside on the huge grounds

Peacock strutting around on the grounds

Lakes and various royal buildings all over the place

He was clearly showing off ... so I came a bit close to him

Another royal abode. The flag was up, thus the residents were in the house .... in the foreground a young river Thames. The river bed was nearly dry because the tide was out.

OK enough now with my photo craze of this incredible place …. ooh maybe I should add the tree walk, high above the grounds;

Tree top walk

…. and of course I could wax lyrical about the scientific side. As my late father was a botanist (phytopathologist – plant diseases), I clearly grew up with him imparting his love for plants. What I find fascinating is that that Kew Gardens has a unique conservation project going. In underground sealed and temperature regulated areas they are collecting and storing seeds of the entire plant world on this planet – just in case some species becomes extinct or a catastrophe happens … amazing.

OK enough now! This is a food blog afterall, but I hope you found my little discursion interesting!

Rating 3.00 out of 5


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  2. Wow what a great lunch, and these photos are just beautiful:)

  3. Anna says:

    That’s a great idea, to have lunch in a beautiful garden, loved the pictures.

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