Wheatgrass – Growing & Juicing


Not any old grass! Wheatgrass is off the charts on the nutrition scale!

Depending on where you live, getting hold of trays full of grown wheatgrass from your local health food supplier, or bottled wheatgrass juice, can either be difficult or at the least very expensive.

I find, just clearing some space on the windowsill in my kitchen does the trick … and you can almost watch wheatgrass grow.

Unless you are a cow or goat, we humans are not equipped to break down the grass enough to get to the ‘juice’, or ‘blood’ of it . Due to the fibrous exterior of the wheatgrass, your body can’t break down the wheatgrass and benefit from its nutritional value. After juicing, it’s important to consume the juice within 20 minutes or all the living organisms inside the juice will die out and you’ll lose nutritional value.

The videos below show how easily the grass is grown.

You can buy really fancy and efficient juicing machines or a manual juicer. I got my manual juicer from eBay. Test out whether you are willing to grow and continue with your wheatgrass before you invest in an expensive juicer.

This is what I got.

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  1. Scott says:

    We have been juicng wheatgrass the last few weeks and have noticed how much better we feel. It’s great to juice with other veggies. We can buy the trays from our local organic store.

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